Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's All About the Hat

Hats and Masks are crucial for a great costume!

Halloween is near! Is your costume ready? We always have a theme at our West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch Spooktacular. This year's theme is Mythology: Gods, Goddesses & Magical Creatures.  Pick your Pantheon and make the most mystical and magical costume ever. There are three categories for the Costume Contest:
  1. Best of Mythology: God, Goddess or Magical Creature
  2. Most Original
  3. Best Use of Yarn
Larry always comes up with a good hat or mask!

I've been working on the hat portion of my costume for a couple of weeks. I have a few more finishing touches to add, but I'm basically done. The clothing and accessories portion of the costume are still a work in progress!
I've been fascinated by this Pagoda Hat pattern (1938) for YEARS!  One of these days, I'll crochet it. This hat has always reminded me of Hop Louie's in Chinatown!
The Pagoda Hat reminds me of Hop Louie's

We would LOVE it if you would attend our WeHo Stitch 'n Witch Spooktacular! It's this coming Thursday, October 27th, 2016 from 7-9pm in the upstairs dining area at the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax. You don't have to wear a costume, but a hat or mask is preferred. BRING TREATS TO SHARE!!
The Cat Hat is always appropriate 

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Success on Smelrose!

Friday was the first day of the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frame sale. Larry and I met up with Ms. Natalie at around 6:30. Dinner time is the best time to go to this sale. The big rush at the beginning of the day is over. The shop has so many boxes of frames for sale and they keep bringing out oodles of frames to the display tables. You'll never miss anything!
The sale prices were a bit higher than in previous years, but still an excellent deal. I managed to pick up two pairs, one for $45! Larry bought a pair and Natalie found several, but came home with one pair.
Natalie and Ellen in aqua neon frames. We did not purchase these, but maybe we should have! We look cute!
Crazy Mr. Larry

The most fun is trying on frames with all of your new four-eyed friends.  It's a party!
Happy People Work at L.A. Eyeworks

After all that shopping we were hungry! Natalie suggested Tatsu Ramen, down the block. Very cute place. The menu and payment are digitized. Easy! Natalie ordered the Hippie Ramen (vegan broth); Larry ordered Bold Ramen (pork/Tonkatsu) and I ordered Cheeky Ramen (chicken broth).  All were seriously DELICIOUS! They make their own noodles right there.
Cheeky Ramen: Chicken broth + noodle = heaven! Slow-cooked from scratch topped with all-natural chicken breast, seasoned soft-boiled egg and green onion.

It's always fun walking down Smelrose Avenue. Lots of quirky window displays, along with great clothes, hats, shoes and more. We had a good Friday night!

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Friday, October 21, 2016

This Weekend

We will be concentrating on adding to our huge collection of eyeglass frames. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, L.A. Eyeworks is holding it's annual frame sale. This is one of my favorite events of the year. I get to hang out with all of my four-eyed friends in the most fun place on Melrose!
Some years I go crazy and buy 4 or 5 frames. Other years I buy nothing. I'm still wearing about 4 frames purchased in years past exclusively. Others are mistakes. One day I should have an eyeglass frame sale of my own!
They keep bringing out boxes and boxes of great frames!
We've been going to the sale for at least 10 years. It's best to go during the dinner hour. Don't worry about getting there right when the doors open. The supply of eyeglass frames is replenished throughout the sale. You won't miss a thing!
Why didn't I buy these in 2014?  They're great!!
I like to go to the sale with Larry. Larry has been wearing eyeglasses since he was 7 years old. He's an expert on fit, comfort and style of your eyeglass frames!
Veteran Eyeglass Wearer, Larry Underhill

Here we are in 2009 trying on matching green frames.  Nope, not for us!
L.A. Eyeworks Sales, 2009
That very same year, we ran into Natalie and her husband Joe. It was a photo opportunity!
Natalie and Joe, 2009
2009. We were thinking about going with the orange frames. I bought them. Natalie did not.

See you there this weekend, friends!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Making Things for Friends & Family

I don't know if any of these ladies have EVER worn their flower headbands again, but it made for a great photo opportunity!

Holiday gift time is near. Many of my yarny friends are making items to gift to friends and family. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it's not. Usually, I only give yarny, handmade items to other friends who craft. They appreciate the work that goes into a custom item.
Recent Shawls for Nancy and Leah

When gifting someone with one of your own creations, it's usually safe to give them something where size does not matter...a scarf, shawl, household items, etc. I've made sweaters for my Mom and Husband, but I know their sizes and see them often enough to check the fit.
Checking the fit in progress on Mom's cardigan

You can ALWAYS make a tiny sweater for a new baby. Babies don't care what they're wearing. As long as you please the mother, the baby is sure to get some use out of your creation.
The Twins are a captive audience!
Mom Sara and Baby Vivian in her green cardi, whether she likes it or not!

Here are some of my successful yarny gifts!
Brooke's 70's Granny Afghan
Larry's Blue Cable-Knit Pullover
Suzette's Sock Monkey Toilet Roll Cover
Last Christmas I made hipter beards for EVERYONE, including me! They might not wear these in public, but at least they're cozy on winter days!
Hipster Beards for Everyone!
Jeff and Audrey

Are you planning your crafty gifts for this year's holiday season?  What are you making?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Today, I filled out my absentee ballot and mailed it in. It was my privilege to do so.
Voting is a sign that you believe in your democracy and that you feel that it is a worthwhile and important thing to do.  Therefore, every time you vote, it is a declaration that you believe in your country.
Before 1920, women in the United States of America could not vote. My own grandmothers could not vote in the years that their children were born. Thank you for fighting for our rights.
The 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920

Voting day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016. I am not going to recommend who you vote for or which ballot measures to support. It is just important that your choices are counted. Your vote can make a difference, especially on the local level.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Inspiration at Guild Meeting

Once a month I try to make it to the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers meeting. Sometimes, there are ukulele adventures happening at the same time and a possible conflict! In October, our meeting was switched to a Sunday due to scheduling reasons by the Joslyn Center, where are meetings are held. Win, win! I went to everything this weekend!
ESSS is really a great knit/crochet guild. We have monthly meetings, yarny challenges, classes, field trips and more. There are always refreshments at the Guild meetings. Along with the usual store-bought cookies and cakes, some members actually BAKED this month. There were home-made cookies and Jackie's delicious plum tart!
Jackie B's Plum Tart
After the meeting where we talk about old business, upcoming yarny activities and announcements, we have a "show and share" portion of our meeting. This is my favorite time. I just LOVE seeing all of the beautiful things that my yarny friends create. In addition to "show and share," I like to walk around during the break and take photos of what people are wearing. So inspirational!
Carol's Adorable Giraffe
Close-Up of Susan's Shawl
Close-Up of Kim's Shawl
Close-Up of Chinda's Sweater
Free Vintage Magazines for Everyone
This month we had a class after the meeting about joining yarn ends. One of our members, Laura, did a great job showing us various methods so that we wouldn't have any bumps in our knitted garments!
"Methods of Joining Yarn" with Laura
Everyone was enthralled. I love the looks on Sarah and Lenora!
On the way home, I spotted this great vanity license plate. Very appropriate to the knitty day that I had!
My kind of jam! Knitting and PURLING!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Vintage Photo Friday - Venice Crossing and Beyond

Culver City-Palms Railroad Station, 1940. LA Public Library Archives

While I was shopping at our new Sprouts Market last week, I was wondering what this large piece of property was before it was made into a shopping center. The shopping center is called Venice Crossing. The Sprouts was formerly a Haggen Market, previously Albertson's. There's a Starbucks, Noah's Bagels, Ross Dress for Less and more chains.  
The Markets keep changing at Venice Crossing
Chain Stores at Venice Crossing

I do remember the A-1 Noodle Company being there, right next to what used to be the railroad tracks that run along Exposition Boulevard. You can still see the painted A-1 sign on what used to be the factory, from the tracks. Our new Expo Line now occupies these very same tracks.
In my hazy memory, during the late 1960s to the 1980s, I think this was just an industrial zone with the A-1 Noodle company and vacant land around the tracks, probably a few parking lots. Some of the areas were paved over, but the tracks were still visible. This particular line ran all the way west, behind the Westside Pavillion and ended at Fisher Lumber in Santa Monica.
Industrial Section of P.E. Tracks, facing east near La Cienega, 2007. Photo by Mike Palmer. This is how I remember the Venice Crossing area looking in the past.

Ahah! Culver Junction! I came upon some wonderful old photos online that described Culver Junction at this very same intersection, near Venice and Robertson. 
Culver Junction, located at Venice/Robertson, 1953. Photo from Historical Photos Expo Line
This was the Culver City-Palms Station, located at 9013 Venice Boulevard, a bit west of Culver Junction, serving both the Pacific Electric Railway Company and the Southern Pacific Railroad.
Palms Depot, 1953. 
The Palms Depot building is where a self-storage facility is today, near Vinton Avenue and National Blvd. in Palms. This particular building was saved and moved to Heritage Square Museum in Highland Park and now serves as their Visitor's Center. Most of those large palm trees were pulled out to make way for the Santa Monica Freeway in 1963.
My little section of Venice Boulevard has changed a lot over the decades. It would be unrecognizable to old-timers! Remember to take photos of mundane things on the streets where you live. One day, those buildings and streets will be changed forever!

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